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West Coast Eye Institute


Cataract Surgery

No two eyes are the same, so no two cataract surgery should be approached as the same. Your surgeon will help you understand the full and complex nature of cataract surgery; but this area is designed to help you become more familiar with the important features of cataract that might be the right option for your eye.  

For general information about cataracts, click here.

For more information about different intraocular lens options, click here

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FACTS about cataract surgery

  1. Cataract Surgery is THE MOST common surgery in the US

  2. Cataract Surgery is the SAFEST surgery in WORLD
  3. Cataract is roughly only 20 minutes.
  4. Not every needs deep anesthesia, but don't worry we like you so we promise you're numb and WON'T feel a thing.
  5. "Down time" is minimal and most people are back to normal the next day.
  6. You will be on eyedrop for roughly 1 month afterward.

General Cataract Surgery

The two primary goals of all cataract surgeries are:

1- remove the cataract and

2- insert an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) into the eye.  

Surgery is very straightforward. Literally a step-by-step is below:

You would arrive at the surgery center and fill out the preoperative paperwork.

The lovely staff at Millennium will start to dilate the eye with eye drops

Your family is allowed to seat with you

The staff will start an intravenous (IV) line.

The IV line will be your best friend as it will start to run with nice anesthesia medication.

You will then roll back to the operative room.

At this point, your family will wait for you in the lobby.

Since in the operative room, we lay you completely flat.

You are already completely number so now it's time to get completely clean.

During the cleaning process, you'll feel pressure along the the orbital bones

You will feel PRESSURE at this point but NO PAIN.

Once you're clean, we put a blue sheet on you. The sheet keeps your clean.

We get started and you'll focus on the light show in front of you.

20-minutes and you're done

You wake up and get comfort and you're set to go.

Your vision will initial be blurry but that is normal. Please leave your eye patch on for the 1st night and we will see the next day.

Femtosecond Laser Assisted Surgery

Sometimes chance is a good time. Cataract surgery has been a common place in medicine since the 1800s. WIth the first surgery done in a way that would make any modern physician cringe. However through advancements in the field, today's cataract surgery is safer than ever.  

The are two primary methods of cataract removal in 2020. The first being "conventional." This option is where your skilled surgeon removes the cataract without any assistance from a laser.

The second is called: Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS). FLACS is a method that utilized a femtosecond to break-up your cataract to allow for a more controlled way of cataract surgery. The three primary benefits: less mechanical variability, the ability to correct mild astigmatism at the same time (which means better vision) and less anesthesia.  

Talk to you surgical team about FLACS and better understand how the laser assistance might be right for you.